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Hello Again…


Hiii there! My name is Emma and I’m from Mummy Alfie Ivy. I have just relaunched my blog as I was previously on blogger but I have never really gotten on with it, so thats why I’m starting a fresh and I’m now using WordPress. So far so good!

I won’t ramble on too much about who I am but I just though I would give a little introduction. I’m 25 years old and I live in a little seaside town in Norfolk. I have a fiancé Lewis and we have 2 gorgeous babies, Ivy who is 2 years and 8 months old and Alfie who is 10 months. They are already the best of friends and double trouble! Ivy loves having a little brother she can boss around and now Alfie is on the move he follows her every where. Watching them grow up together is so amazing and I’m so lucky to have such gorgeous babies!

I’m currently a stay at home mumma and I have previously worked in retail. I’ve been looking into study/training to do something else… what, I have no idea! I just know I need to do something different. We also gave 2 cats, its like having another 2 kids! They want to be with you constantly, fed cuddled and you have to clean their sh*t up! I won’t even start with how often they get under  my feet…


I don’t really have any hobbies and thats the main reason I wanted to start a blog as I love reading other peoples. I’m not that great with photography though so thats going to take some time to get the hang of and something I definitely want to learn more about. I LOVE Instagram and thats about as far as my creative skills go with taking/editing photos. I take all of the photos on my iPhone. I have recently bought the Olympus Pen E-PL7 though so I’m trying to figure that out and not just having the settings on auto all the time like I usually do. I have also made a youtube channel which I have been thinking about starting for ages now. I have filmed a few videos, I just need to grow a pair and actually upload them!

This year hasn’t exactly been great so far and I might write about it later on in the year but we have some exciting things planned the rest of the year for us all to look forward to. This week we are going watch Mamma Mia at Norwich Theatre Royal which I can’t wait for. (I secretly love ABBA!!)  My sister and I bought our mum the tickets for her birthday and my niece and auntie will be coming to. It will be the perfect girls day and we are leaving the daddies in charge… No babies screaming at us! Yay!

Then on mothers day we are going to see the Adele tribute on Cromer Pier that Adele picked on the Graham Norton’s BBC Adele special so that will be awesome! Haha how many times did I say Adele in that one sentence!


We also booked V festival tickets that the daddies will be coming to… Don’t worry we have babysitters so the kids aren’t just fending for themselves the whole weekend. Not going to lie one of the main reasons my sister and I wanted to go was to see Pink, the lineup is pretty good though! I haven’t been to a festival since before Ivy was born so I am going to feel OLD!

We want to take the kids away for a holiday, somewhere hot would be amazing but I think we are going to wait till Alfie is a little older so that we don’t have to worry about bottles, steriliser and all the other crap that would take up a case all by it self. There is loads of places in the UK though that we want to go to so we might tick one of them off the list. Also Ivy would LOVE Peppa Pig world and CBeebies land so we will just have to wait and see.

I want to write about anything and everything on here. Whether its just a rant about my day, parentings tips I’ve found useful, recipes we love, books I’ve read, reviews and maybe even some hauls… Like I said this is my space where I can have some fun.

Anyway enough rambling! I will catch up with you in my next post.

Love Em x


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