Oh I do love to be by the seaside…

thumb_IMG_5452_1024Now the sun has decided to make somewhat of an appearance every now and then we are going to make the most of it and get out as much as we can. We are only about a 15 minute walk to the beach from our house and even if we don’t go on the beach, its a lovely walk along the prom! One of Ivy’s favourite things to do is make sandcastles at the moment so we are pretty lucky to have it so close.I think last year we went on the beach maybe 5 times and thats pushing it. I really want to use what we have on our doorstep a little more. I mean we can pack a picnic, take the kids (obviously) and just go! I am a sucker for a portion of chips and a cheeky dr pepper  from time to time though and the walk home will definitely help burn it off afterwards!

We have a park right across the road from our house but lets just say its not exactly child friendly for under 5s… The only baby swing it had they took off before christmas and have never put anything else back on since! The climbing frame they put there I would even have trouble climbing, so its definitely out for little ones.

thumb_IMG_5251_1024 2

Theres a place thats called “happy valley” its up near the lighthouse and it is beautiful! Theres some swings and a zip wire which Ivy loves, plus there is a massive field she can run around on and Alfie can have a crawl about. Its perfect to go spend the afternoon there and just chill out! When I was pregnant with Ivy and Alfie I would go for walks up the lighthouse to help try hurry them up and then go home and eat a flaming hot curry. Walking up the hill to lighthouse 40+ weeks pregnant was hard work let me tell you!

At the weekends we always usually drive somewhere and by the time we are ready, everything is packed in the car, the kids are sorted and we drive there we have had enough and just want to come home. Alfie usually decided to do a poo explosion somewhere along the way as well so it never usually ends well!

Like I said this view is about a 15 minute walk from where we live. The amount of times I walked past it growing up and didn’t even really notice it! Bringing Ivy and Alfie up here especially in the summer is going to be awesome, they are going to love it.

thumb_IMG_5262_1024 2

I hope you all have a amazing weekend and get some sunshine. We are now heading out for another adventure!

Love Em x

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