Alfie’s one!


To think that my baby boy is one is bloody scary! This time last year I had a tiny newborn baby. My due date was the 5th of May but being the typical bloke he was 3 days late! (No offence daddys!) 😉

Anyway I had been so slack and we hadn’t really planned anything till a couple of weeks before… I was slightly freaking out! I wanted to do what we did for Ivy’s first birthday.  Just have close family and friends at our house, presents, food and of course cake.  I did make Ivy’s first birthday cake and it didn’t exactly go to plan… to put it bluntly it was shite! So I did buy a caterpillar cake from asda… I did make one just for us that we had on his birthday that was actually ok… not a masterpiece but it tasted good! We are still trying to sort our garden out but the weather was crap anyway so we could of just left it.  I would say we are nearly done though, thank god!


I do tend to go over board on present buying so I definitely tried to budget myself. This was definitely hard, my online shopping baskets were just building up and I did actually sit down and go through it all, don’t worry! Anyone would have thought I had ages! We have a lot of baby toys from Ivys first birthday so a lot of the things we would have bought him we already have and to be honest he was more interested in the boxes anyway… We did go to the city the Saturday before and buy a few bits but that is all we got him. We got some lovely toys and clothes from family so I’m glad we didn’t go OTT!

I definitely think his personality has changed even more since he has turned one. He crawling eyewhere, standing up and he will be walking before we know it! His new favourite word is no… No no no is his answer for everything. It’s ever so slightly less annoying than having Ivy screaming it at me because I’ve asked her to do something!


He’s obviously loves playing with everything now and watching them play together is so special. Ivy doesn’t really like sharing though at the moment… he doesn’t care and just invades her games anyway, bless him!

This post is a little late now but I just wanted to write something for memories to look back on. All my posts from Ivy growing up are on my old blog but I have no idea how to switch it over here! I’m going to write a post which is probably going to be a long one from Ivy’s birth till present. I might have to do two posts so it’s not to long!

Anyway enough rambling now!

Love Em x

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  • Amy

    Alfie is such a cutie!! I have a baby who’s 16 months and a little girl who’s seven and your right, watching them play together is so special makes me heart melt.

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