I’m Lovin’ it! #Your new McDonalds

On Wednesday 4th October I was kindly invited to go to an event at the Norwich Airport McDonalds. Not only was this totally ticking one off my bucket list but Ivy went crazy when I told her. It was also my first event and I loved it!

I’m not going to lie, we usually go to McDonalds at least once a month. Its the only place my kids will go, eat it all and behave themselves. Plus if they do decide to throw a tantrum there is usually other children in there as well doing the same thing. It just so happens that the Airport McDonalds is the one we go to every time anyway.

In May the restaurant had a complete revamp. It’s light, bright and when you look closely at all the interiors there is some really quirky bits. One of the walls had sunflowers on it but when you looked even closer they are actually made up out of fries! I spent ages looking round at them all.


The new digital experience is awesome! The self service kiosks are really the game changer for us. Standing in the que with Ivy running around and Alfie screaming in my ear isn’t fun! I can order what we want, pay and either go up and wait for the order or you can get table service! You just pick a zone and a table and thats it. The kiosks have so many features.  You can browse the full menu, which is great if your like me and always say your going to try something new but just end up getting your usual Big Mac and fries! You can add or remove items to your oder too, so If you want the Big Mac without cheese you can just remove it.  You can also make the screen suitable for children to look at just by pressing a button, it moves down to the perfect height and then they can pick for themselves.

The wireless charging and charging points are a life saver! I usually have to give my phone to Ivy to watch Peppa pig in the car so we don’t get “are we there yet?” the entire drive so quickly charging my phone while I eat is great!

The magic table was definitely my favourite and Ivy would love it! There is a large projector with sensors pointing down at the table where kids can sit, play and eat all at the same time.

The new tablets are a great idea too and they are not just for the kids. I could sit there and check twitter, Instagram and even browse the web. Perfect for a lunch break or a quick catch up.

img_4852.jpgThere is also the McDonalds App which you can order from. You can browse the menu, pick what you want and pay all from your phone. When you check in, your food will be prepared and ready for you. I’m definitely going to be trying this out soon! There will also be some members of the team there to help you if you need it with your order.

I then got to go into the Kitchen where we had a tour and even got to make my own Big Mac. Now for me this was awesome! I aways end up having a Big Mac, I know I love it and it never disappoints. It was really interesting to see how its made from start to finish and what ingredients actually go in it.

The kitchen is so organised, I wish mine was like it at home! Everything has it own place and it’s all done in a order everyone can follow. It’s all coloured coded and has separate utensils for everything.

All the ingredients are fresh and from British farmers which for me is a big plus! There is  so much to chose from the menu, there really is something for everyone.  Veggie burger, salads and the list goes on. They are also reducing the salt they add. This is being done gradually and over time which I think is fantastic! You can also ask for no salt on your fries which I didn’t know was an option.


McDonalds is also great for raising money for charity and the RMHC is one of the main ones they support. They have thecharity boxes near the tills which even if its just 1p every little bit helps! They also organise fundraising days and there is one on the 21st October at the Norwich airport, Brundall and Tucksworth. The staff will be dressing up and there is activities throughout the day for the whole family to enjoy.  So come along, any support you can give helps!

I had such a good evening learning about it all. Now I know how the food is made, that it’s all fresh and from british farmers makes mewant to take the kids there even more. The staff were all so lovely and friendly as well. I know that I can take my little ones there and it’s all child friendly plus with the new digital experience its amazing! What more could I want!

For more information about #your new McDonalds please follow this link  – What Makes Mcdonalds

*This post is sponsored by McDonalds, all opinions are my own.

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