Changing up my skincare

So my skin recently has been bloody awful! I don’t know what it is but I have been breaking out like I’m a teenager again. I’m 26, shouldn’t the bad skin days be behind me now?

I haven’t changed anything in my diet and also I keep my skincare routine pretty simple. Back in the day I used La Roche Posay and the very popular effaclar duo which I’m sure everyone has heard of. I decided enough was enough and ordered a few bits to see if they will help my skin. It’s bad enough going to school at 15 with spots but being a mum it’s just embarrassing and it’s completely knocked my confidence!

I don’t like to over complicate my skincare routine as I have oily/combination and I’m obviously prone to breakouts. I have kept it pretty simple and these are the products I have got.

Effaclar purifying foaming gel – basically a face wash. It’s really gentle, doesn’t really have a smell (which I like) and leaves my skin feeling really fresh without drying it out and making it feel uncomfortable and tight.

Effaclar clarifying toner – this doesn’t really have a smell either but unlike the face wash it leaves your skin feeling a little tight. I wouldn’t say dry but the whole point of this toner is to mattify the skin and tighten pores. So great if your like me with oily skin.

Effaclar duo+ – it’s the same as the other two products, doesn’t have a smell and the texture is a light gel/cream. It doesn’t leave my skin oily or go gritty from rubbing it in. I always thought this was a step for under your moisturiser but it says apply under makeup. So I’m going to try this as my day moisturiser and then in the evening add my oil over it. This was the star product for me and always helped clear my skin up! Fingers crossed I get the same results with this.

Effaclar Clay mask – if I’m not mistaken this is pretty new to there skincare range. I don’t remember it being about when I used La Roche Posay in the past. This is a clay mask which is meant to unclog pores, give the skin a deep cleanse and control shine. I am yet to find a clay mask that I love and if I’m honest I don’t really enjoy face masks so maybe this will be the one to change that.

I’m hoping these four products will help clear my skin up and also help to keep it clear! I’m also going to update whether or not it has helped my skin either on here or Instagram. So keep an eye out for that.

Em x

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