New Year Resolutions

What’s my New Years resolutions for 2018? They aren’t exactly resolutions but a few things I wanted to start for the new year. Which is something I say every single year, but who doesn’t. This might be a little late but I though it would be good to look back on and see what’s I have actually started/achieved!What are my new year resolutions

  • Eat healthy
  • Start exercising
  • Start yoga
  • Blogging and make a schedule
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Get into a better home routine
  • Read at least one book a month

I had some serious January blues and so I’m glad that’s over! Is it just me or did that month drag? I’m not one to wish the time away but it’s always the month where I just feel blah! We are now in the middle of March though and the days are just flying by!

Now I’m not going to lie, I haven’t started everything on my list yet. I do feel a little disappointed with my self but I always say if my heads not in it, then I’m not going to give 100%. Who said it has to be started on the 1st of January anyway…

I’m usually the kind of person that says “I’ll start the diet on Monday” instead of right then and there which I know is one of my biggest problems.

Eating healthy and exercising

I don’t want to start a fad diet that as soon as I finish or meet my goal I pile loads of weight back on. I want to make it a lifestyle change and have a more healthy relationship with food. All I want to do is eat chocolate, crisps and it’s like I have no self control! I’m constantly getting the kids fruit but do I ever pick up a apple and eat it? Never!

I’ve also got into a habit of drinking squash. Don’t get me wrong I love a glass of vimto but I need to start drinking just water. I feel so much better for it so why don’t I do it? I keep trying to switch up my tea for green tea but I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Meal planning definitely helps me keep on track but I’ve been a little stuck with what to cook. I have loads of cook books so maybe I just need to sit down and go through them all… We are also on a takeaway ban for the whole of March! Now we have got into a bit of a habit that every Friday night we order a Chinese. I’m going to look into trying to make a ‘fakeaway’ and see how that goes!

I don’t currently do any exercise apart from Normal everyday things… Running around after the kids, nursery pick up and drop off, Housework and walks just stuff like that. I want to try get in a 20 minuet workout every other day or every day if I can. I really love the joe wicks hitt workouts. I have said for ages I want to start yoga also. Not just for exercise but to help me unwind, switch off and just rest my mind.

Blogging , YouTube and social media

Now I have wanted to really get into my blog for ages but do you ever feel like you just don’t fit in anywhere? I just want it to be a place where I can write about anything and everything. I need to sit down and make a schedule so I have something to stick to. I was thinking two posts a week to ease my self in.

YouTube is a completely different subject I have watched it for years and it’s something’s I have either loved or hated. I have said every year I’m going to give it a go and start a channel but again I just don’t feel like I’d be any good at it. Plus a lot of time and work goes in to it!

I love Instagram! I love scrolling through it for hours at a time, uploading, stories I just love it all. I have a small following but it’s something I’m proud of. There is so many amazing people on there who although I have never met they are now some of my friends! I really want to dedicate more time to it this year.


It’s easier said than done isn’t it… I find I get myself into one and then all it takes is for one of the kids to get ill and it all goes to sh#t! Of course I still get the dreaded house work done but instead of getting up and just getting it out the way I definitely get distracted easily. Lewis has said I’m a procrastinator… I don’t know what he’s talking about! I need to get my house a little more organised too. We started painting the living room in January and it’s still only half done!


Another ‘resolution’ was read more and less screen time. So far, so good! I’m on my my 8th book which is pretty good for me. I love reading so there might even be a few book reviews on here from time to time. My favourite chick lit author is Paige Toon, love her books! I do love a good thriller though.

Today is the 18th March and I guess it’s better late than never to finally get started on a few of these things… Wish me luck and I will be doing an update every now and then!

– Emma –

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