Ivy’s 4!

At 8.46pm on the 26th July 2014 my beautiful baby girl Ivy was born! I cant believe she is now 4! Now I know everyone says it but I honestly don’t know where the last 4 years have gone? It’s like I’ve blinked and she’s grown up into such a gorgeous, caring and funny little girl. The last year she has grown up so much since she started Nursey. She’s so much more confident and has really come out of her shell. This is her last proper summer before she starts school in September which is beyond bloody scary! I think she is so ready for it now though, she just wants to learn new things and constantly be doing something.

I do find it a little hard sometimes to balance my time between Alfie and Ivy but the more we can all do together the better and she loves showing him how to do something. He doesn’t always listen but she tried bless her!

We definitely have a few “diva” moments and she is 4 going on 14 sometimes which can be very difficult but then what 4 year old doesn’t have their moments! All she has to do is say something to make me laugh and all is forgotten.

Ivy’s favourite toys are barbies! As soon as she gets up, to when she goes to bed she would play will them all day if she could. I loved them too so getting to play with them with her is amazing!

If she’s not playing Barbies she she want to do some kind of craft activity, play doh is her absolute fave (not going to lie, I hate it!) but she would spend hours playing with it. Now Alfie likes to join in as well and it’s something they like to do together, which is always great.

One of thing she has been crazing to start is dancing, we said we would wait till she was a little older and now she is so ready! She is already a little performer so I know she will be amazing at it. Although she loves to freestyle so hopefully she will listen and follow the teacher!

img_2523.jpgI asked her what she wants to do on her birthday and she said go to the park and then stay at home and play with all her presents so that’s exactly what we did. She asked for her cousins to come round too for a sleepover so we will have to see about that! I like my sleep too much…

We had such a lovely day, we stuffed our faces with sweets and birthday cake and just enjoyed our beautiful daughters 4th birthday. It was magical!

Love Em x

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