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Ivy’s First Day Of School

When you have your baby school is so far from your mind, then you blink your baby girl is 4 and her first day has arrived!

Everyone kept saying “oh what are you going to do when Ivy starts school? Your going to miss her so much!” I never really thought about it and just said well I still have Alfie to run around after. Well today it has hit me like a ton of bricks!!

Over the last week I’ve been getting all her clothes ready and just thought crap this is actually happening. Now don’t get me wrong she is so ready for it, but apparently I’m not! Its not like I’m going to be sitting in a corner crying, waiting for 3.15 to arrive to pick her up but I have missed her like crazy today! Alfie did as well, they have such a love/hate relationship at the moment. One minute they are sitting watching paw patrol holding hands the next they are screaming at each other. Today though he kept looking for round her and saying Ivy!

It feels really surreal that I have a four year old and her school adventure is now beginning! Ivy’s at the school I was at when I was her age and that makes it feel even more special!

When we woke up this morning I was a little teary… she was like “come on mum, I’m a school girl now” and just started getting herself ready. I’m so proud of her and she had such an amazing first day! She said she LOVED IT with the biggest smile on her face ever! So that’s a big success!

Ivy is growing up into such a caring, funny, intelligent and beautiful little girl and I’m so proud to call myself her mummy!

Now I need a early night from an exhausting first day of school, Ivy’s been waking up bright and early from all the excitement! I bet the teenage years won’t be so easy!


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