• Ivy’s 4!

    At 8.46pm on the 26th July 2014 my beautiful baby girl Ivy was born! I cant believe she is now 4! Now I know everyone says it but I honestly don’t know where the last 4 years have gone? It’s like I’ve blinked and she’s grown up into such a gorgeous, caring and funny little girl.

  • Alfie’s one!

    To think that my baby boy is one is bloody scary! This time last year I had a tiny newborn baby. My due date was the 5th of May but being the typical bloke he was 3 days late! (No offence daddys!) 😉 Anyway I had been so slack and we hadn’t really planned anything till a couple of weeks before…

  • We have been hit!

    Hiii guys, We have had probably one of the hardest weekends we have ever had as a family of four! Early hours friday night Ivy come down with a sickness bug. This is the first time we have had one since having the kids and to say it scared the crap out of us is an understatment! Neither of them have ever really been sicky babies either so yeah it wasn’t good!

  • Hello Again…

    Hiii there! My name is Emma and I’m from Mummy Alfie Ivy. I have just relaunched my blog as I was previously on blogger but I have never really gotten on with it, so thats why I’m starting a fresh and I’m now using WordPress. So far so good!